Moments of Impact

A Blank Page Holds Endless Possibilities.

I convince myself that
every word
every story
has already been written

So, I hesitate
Take a step back
Inhale and WAIT

I come back to this Blank page
Day after Day
in an attempt to Connect
Make a statement
Take a Stand
Leave My Imprint

The days continue passing
and the present moment
is quickly forgotten

These thoughts
These narratives
slowly fade
into sepia-toned pages
of an E X I S T E N C E
never chronicled
never shared
never read
or understood by another

As I await the uncovering
of these Precious
Moments of Impact
I ponder this…

There will come a time
when I can no longer remember my past
and one day too soon
I will not be here to Express my Truth

Tell My Story.

Today is a Step.
The ink is still wet.

Hold My Hand
Walk with Me
and Listen.

♥️ Sandy Gordon Frankfort