Open Your Eyes

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?

henry david thoreau

We spend so much time waiting for moments to take our breath away
we lose sight of what is right in front of us
and how precious our breath truly is

When your lungs can no longer inhale the oxygen you need
and your heartbeat doesn’t register on the monitor
you begin to question if you are even alive

You begin to see your life pass before you in an instant
yet, in slow motion

You dig deep within looking for strength to hang on
You beg for more time

You promise you will open your heart
and embrace true, Divine L O V E
You promise you will breathe in the light
and exhale the darkness and fear

You remain calm and you
Let Go

Not of this life or of your Hope
Not of the negative forces and their attempts to
slow you down

You let go of the dreamy images and hypotheticals
You let go of the “one day” and the “I wish”
You allow the possibilities to manifest within
each cell of your body
Every particle of your soul
Your mighty, tender

and you consciously and unconsciously
grab a hold of the breathtaking Life
waiting for you
when you make the choice

Sometimes, we must cease to exist as we are
in order to wake up
and truly Live the life
we are meant to live.

It is a new day.
Another chance.
To turn it all around.

♥️ Sandy Gordon Frankfort