Through My Eyes

My memories are echoes from another time, another place. Each moment was lived, each future moment will be cherished. My memories serve as invaluable threads in the tapestry of history as I create and interpret meaning and understand the important, connected consciousness that binds all of us to each other.


My Dearest Boys,

This site is for you.
These words, these photographs, these stories
capture your precious lives,
thus far,

Through My Eyes.

May you feel joy as you relive these moments
May you always remember your sense of wonder
and imagination

May you always hold on to your sense of

and allow the lightness of tomorrow to
carry you forward

May you discover again and again
Who you are upon these reflections

May you always know that your foundation

You are LOVED
beyond any words or expression.

You are pure light and pure love.
God’s perfect and precious children.

You made me a Mother.
You gave me my Truest Purpose.
My Most Important Role.

The greatest gift of this Life
for me
is raising You.

Being with you.
Loving and being loved by you.
Watching you grow.
Witnessing your hearts in this life.
How truly fortunate anyone is
who gets to know you.

You are Brothers.
Always treasure each other
and remember that
God brought you together
for a reason.

We are all aligned and connected
with one another as a family.


Thank you for choosing me.
Thank you for letting me guide you.
Thank you for letting me love you.
Thank you for showing me who I am.

May you always witness and appreciate the
many blessings within and around you, my boys

You are truly exceptional, bright, intelligent, compassionate,
hilarious, loving, kind, gentle, charming, strong, perseverant,
dynamic, steadfast, hard working, diligent, passionate,
creative, athletic, loyal, fierce, respectful, empathetic,
courteous, kind hearted, handsome, wondrous, fascinating,

Extraordinary, Remarkable,

Magnificent and incredibly Amazing

(fill in every other possible positive adjective)

young men.

You are the loves and lights of my heart and of my soul.

I love you forever and beyond.

♥️ Mommy

Through My Eyes
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