Every photograph. Each syllable. All Content. Captured and Expressed with Love, from my Heart. My life force, my energy, translates through time in my captured moments and through my words. My heart is full of language and I express in order to feel, to challenge, to offer something, to learn, and to connect. As I own my voice, I own my Truth.


From Sandy, With Love

Welcome to A Portrait of My Life. It has taken me a hundred lifetimes and almost 50 years to get to this page on which I am finally ready to share with you. This expression of my heart and my soul is a work in progress and the deepest labor of Love. I am rising, from the depths of my shadows, in an attempt to present this portrait of life, through my eyes, for my children.

I have captured hundreds of thousands of moments. I have written tens of thousands of words. I have observed. I have struggled. I have overcome. I am a Survivor and a fighter, with more gratitude in my heart than I can possibly express. I am thankful for the many challenges and setbacks which have brought me right here. To this place. This page. This exact moment. I am thankful for the pain. The suffering. The trauma. Illness. All of these forces inspired me to go deeper and higher. All of them led me to this space, where I am firmly standing right now. On my own. Exposing my heart. My soul. My spirit. All that I have witnessed and experienced, I may present here, without any fear or hesitation. The impediment to action advances action and what has stood in the way for me is now becoming the way.

I welcome you to enjoy this journey with me, as I gather all of the contents of this existence, and present it openly, intimately and lovingly, through my eyes.

I always believed I needed others to accomplish the execution of my creative expression. Artistically speaking, I sat back and stood still as I awaited the right person. The right graphic designer, the right web developer, the right editor, the right publisher, the right publication, the right name, the right time.

I didn’t believe it was possible to express to another the visions I saw so clearly. These images and thoughts have circulated around my head, my mind, my heart for so long and they have been desperate to land on a page, I didn’t believe I was capable of creating. These thoughts and ideas and this expression needs to live and breathe and exist, outside of myself.

I was often overwhelmed with the big picture of the even bigger story.

What I have come to realize, in the face of life, illness, death, loss and grief, is that I am truly capable, on my own.

I am building this site, teaching myself along the way, step by little step at a time. My thoughts translate to implementation and there is nothing or anyone in my way stopping me now.

One word leads to one sentence.

One sentence leads to one paragraph.

One paragraph leads to one page.

One page leads to one chapter.

One chapter to the next.

One thought.

One moment.

at a time.

How precious and fragile this life truly is.

I am living, loving, experiencing, cherishing, capturing and expressing…

With the deepest love and gratitude,

This is me.

♥️ Sandy

This Site is Dedicated to My Boys.

The loves and lights of my Life. ♥️

Our life is what our thoughts make it.

Let’s Connect.

    A Portrait of My Life
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