Daily Diary / Wanderings

The Little Things

There’s Nothing Bigger

In a few short weeks, we will be reaching our one-year mark since we left the United States.  Each day on this journey awakens and inspires me. I’ve always appreciated the little things and I never thought it was possible to understand and appreciate them even more.

I always speak of how life-changing this trip has been and continues to be. It is. Life-Changing. My awareness and perspective have expanded beyond boundaries I never knew existed. Being introduced to other parts of the world, the people within it, and all that encompasses the unknown elements of my familiar spectrum, have awakened my soul beyond explanation.  I am often overwhelmed by the love, beauty, and majestic nature of this world, my family, and my life. My gratitude for every second is immense.  

I don’t believe that appreciation for the little things only comes from traveling.  I believe that we simply have to choose to open our eyes. In every moment. People we meet, lavender fields we cross, and inconvenient detours throughout our days; are meant to be there.  Pay attention, stop and breathe.  There is significance in everything. Beauty and meaning can be found everywhere.  

Death is imminent.  Living is a choice.  

♥️ Sandy