Salzburg. Mozart. New Friends.

I am in Love with Austria. My husband and I both have family ancestry from this lovely and majestic country and we are so thankful for our visit. Spending time in the Motherland and getting in touch with my roots in different countries, is quite powerful.  I feel very fortunate and find myself in awe a lot of the time.


We rented a beautiful and centrally located apartment from two people who will now be lifelong friends, Manfred and Desiree Dalus. City Apartments are located on the Getreidegasse (also known as Grain Lane). It is a charming shopping street in the Old-Town section of Salzburg. We were a stone’s throw away from a very special place. The house at no. 9 Getreidegasse is where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and where he lived until the age of 17. Please take a few minutes and read about him when you have time.  I was amazed to learn so many facts I didn’t know about him and I can’t believe he died at the young age of 35. He was truly brilliant. We’ve been listening to his music whilst here and it’s only magnified our experience of the heart and soul of this city. I love Classical music and the sound of it playing in the streets while strolling through the day or evening takes me right to the 18th century. How grand and lovely.


Manfred and Desiree have a delicious gelato cafe downstairs, called Eisgrotte, as well as mouth watering pizza available for take away. The boys were so happy knowing these delicious treats were just steps away and they enjoyed a bit each day during our stay. You must stop by when in town.

Salzburg is where the Sound of Music was filmed and as I mentioned, the birthplace of one of our greatest composers of all time, Mozart. As I’ve cited in previous posts, history is more interesting than ever before for me. We can learn in school, read books and pass tests on several subjects, however, I am experiencing education in such a new way. I feel the same for my boys and this way in which they are experiencing education. When you are surrounded by the subjects you are studying or simply experiencing by way of living each day, you not only learn more about the subjects, but you are also more interested. I am so fascinated each day as we touch and feel the deep, rich and diverse history upon us. I am often covered in goose bumps as I walk though these historical places. The tingles inspire me and connect me on some level to the periods in time as well as the people.

One evening Manfred rang our bell and asked my husband if he was a musician. He excitedly responded with a “yes!” He then invited us up to their home and his studio where Dana got to plug in and play LOUD on the electric guitar. It’s been quite awhile for him and I was so happy he got the opportunity to play. I could feel the enthusiasm and excitement from both Dana and Manfred as they played together. They seemed like young boys playing in their parent’s garage for the first time. Our boys danced and admired their Daddy on the guitar and we had such a wonderful time.

These are the moments. The ones that inspire me and make me realize yet another reason we are here. We are in Austria with two very special people, in their home, with our boys, dancing and listening to loud music. It was absolutely fantastic.

Thank you, Manfred and Desiree, from the bottom of our hearts, for being so kind, warm and hospitable to our family. We are so grateful to know you and we look forward to meeting again one day; somewhere in this vast and beautiful world. The passion you have for life is akin to my own.

I am so grateful for this time on earth, my family, and the special people I meet along the way. Life is amazing. Even when it’s challenging. In the difficult moments, love and patience get me through and I come out on the other side with just a little more wisdom and a little more light.

Servus Austria!
We Love You.

♥️ Sandy