Daily Diary / Wanderings

Late Night Swimming in Singapore

We are loving Singapore. Here we are on top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is an iconic and magnificent structure. I was once told by someone that this is a British Irvine. I now understand that statement. It’s as if the city planners went to Orange County, California, and duplicated it. This city is filled with families, family activities, and young, vibrant energy. They even have Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ( CA people understand! ) All of the luxuries and conveniences of the US surround us and I will admit, it’s comforting. That said, we are looking forward to leaving the comforts and venturing off again tomorrow to foreign lands! I believe it’s in the unknown and outside of what we are accustomed to, spaces, that we truly experience the magic and grow. I’m grateful and excited. Sending Lots of Love.

♥️ Sandy