50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 3/4

Thank you to the National Trust Organization of the United Kingdom for putting together such a wonderful list of adventures for children. They can earn badges and rewards along the insightful journey of discovering nature. Sign up on their website and let the fun begin!

Our visit to Wray Castle in England checked off 15 of the activities in a day! We may be completing this list shortly since our boys are such outdoorsmen! I thought of something today. I got through 5 and 1/2 years without a stroller. I wore by boys in carriers until they no longer wanted to be toted and since then, have let them run free. I’m not saying this has been an easy task. When they get tired, my husband and I carry them and always have. I’m often surprised by the strength we are given when it comes to our kids. Our fortitude and stamina far exceed what we believe we are capable of. 

I see you with your headphones on and savoring a latte, while happily pushing your stroller. You seem organized, relaxed and comfortable. I will never know that comfort and I suppose I chose the hard way. Now that our boys are almost 40 pounds each, I must say, it isn’t easy when that time comes to pick them up and carry them up hill, in the rain. Yes, those are the stories our parents and grandparents told us…Uphill and in the rain. Now I know they were telling the truth ? I sure do miss wearing my boys and I love seeing how active and athletic they are. They definitely take advantage of any land in front of them and seize each moment.

Enjoy exploring this world with your children and don’t be afraid to get dirty! Mud pies may not be tasty, but the joy we witness on their faces as they make them, is worth every bit of mess! Being outside, scouting and discovering nature and this planet, truly is the best education I’ve witnessed. The questions and learning that take place, during and after a day in the wild, are what education and knowledge are all about.

Our children are curious. They want to learn. They want to know Every. Single. Thing.

Rain or Shine…We’ll see you outside!

Happy Travels and Exploring!

♥️ Sandy