Inspiration and Purpose

Hello, My name is Sandy. I would love to take a moment to connect and briefly express my true inspiration and purpose. Being a mother truly is the greatest role and gift of my life. I imagined the changes that would take place and I heard about the intense love I would feel once I gave birth, however, nothing could have prepared me for the depth and magnitude I felt in those moments and have felt every moment since. I’ve always believed that in raising children , one’s actions and example are more important than the words they speak.

Love, security, stability and patience are my guiding principles. My only wish is that everything we do as parents will ensure that our sons grow up to be strong, compassionate, independent, free spirited, kind, young men. I want them to follow their instincts when they believe something is right and express themselves even when their thoughts or opinions are unpopular. I want them to be creative, critical thinkers with empathetic hearts who contribute positively and make a difference in this world.

Over the next year our family is going to travel around the globe. I’m excited for so many reasons. The purpose of this trip is to expose our boys to this wonderful and vast world and to gain a perspective that I feel is very important. Perspective. Such a simple word affects everything we do. I believe that by traveling and expanding our horizons, we are more open and connected to the world around us. We are more connected to ourselves.

Education is important to me and I believe this is the beginning of our children’s true education. What they have learned thus far is amazing. What they are learning in preparation of this trip is incredible. They point out the route we are taking on world maps and name all of the countries we will be visiting. They express excitement each day for the present moment as well as our plans for the near future. They will soon not only be reciting countries from a map, but actually engaging within these countries and their cultures and societies.

My purpose is to Live Life. To Enjoy each day. To BE Present. To Love with all of our hearts each moment we are given on this earth. To Connect and Learn and Grow. To Share. I am truly thankful for this opportunity. I feel so inspired and ready to begin this journey. I am excited to witness the world and each moment through the eyes of our children. I know this experience will be with us forever and it is my goal to document it for our boys and for our family.

My inspiration for this trip came from the experiences I gained traveling in my life. When you travel, you grow. When you experience worlds beyond your own, you change. You gain new and valuable insights and your life is enriched in ways you can’t even explain or comprehend. For this, I am grateful. From this, I was inspired and we made the decision to plan this adventure for our family. In the end we grow, we change and we contribute…adding to the circle of life.

This trip has changed our lives forever. We will continue to connect, discover, learn and grow as we move forward with our new perspectives and enriched souls. I Love My Family with all of my heart.

♥️ Sandy