Letting Go, In Order to Find Our Way

I believe that letting go is so important in so many areas of our lives. We have to let go and live. There are so many things that can bind us and inhibit us if we let them. Mortgages, jobs, unhealthy relationships, status quo in society, and most importantly, ourselves. I believe we are the most powerful forces in our own lives. We either become complacent, or we take risks. We either have a negative attitude or a positive one. These are two things that we choose no matter what our current circumstances in life are.

I am not in any way saying responsibilities make us complacent. I am saying that we all must realize the big picture of life and the fact that life is short. That this is our one chance here in this form. As this person. I believe that we have to really take a look at our lives and decide what can be changed. What do you have the power to change if you are unhappy. If things aren’t what you thought they would be or would like them to be.

I don’t have all of the answers nor am I claiming to have a perfect life. This is part of why I am finding it necessary to take this trip. I believe we are always growing, always learning and always finding and shifting perspectives. We can discover more of who we are each day if we are open to doing so. Those discoveries are what will lead to more answers in creating the lives we want to live.

I am ready to let go. I am ready to take a journey with my family that will change our lives forever. I have no idea what will change within us or what will come from all of it. All I know is I am ready with all of the Love in my Heart. I love my family and I can’t wait to experience the world through the eyes of my precious little boys. I can’t wait to witness their little faces each moment of every day. I do this now and it is the greatest gift ever. I just know that we will all grow and our perspectives will be broadened in a way that I feel is so important. Letting Go, In Order to Find Our Way. Here we go.

Much Love.

♥️ Sandy