People told me that being so attached to my kids would make them weak.

People told me that homeschooling them at an early age would make them unable to socialize.

People told me that taking them around the world and exposing them to the broader picture of life would make them miss out.

People told me that if they didn’t have scheduled naps and feeding times, my kids would not be adaptable.

People told me I loved too much.

People told me my kids would hide behind me and not know how to stand on their own.

People told me I was crazy for not following the normal, societally acceptable path that made THEM comfortable.

People judged and hated and judged and doubted.

I did not choose the path most taken in my life and I do not guide my kids to do so either.

I stand for them to truly love their life. 

To truly understand and feel gratitude. 

To truly love learning.

To show up every day with the effort and will to improve.

To push beyond the limits of what society expects and deems permissible and within the confines of acceptable and politically correct.

To truly know who they are, no matter what voices or forces attempt to tell them otherwise.

To dig deep and find the fight within; no matter what. 

Unwavering, Steadfast, Wholehearted 


from the deepest part of my heart and soul

is what I’ve got to give

and so much more. 

My only hope and wish is and has always been that this 


and Support

allows my boys

to be who they are meant to be in this life.

I listen and hear them.

I see them.

I adore and appreciate them.

I love them with my whole heart

and Beyond. 

May they continue to

thrive and prosper

Fight when they don’t believe they have anything left and 

Always know what they are fighting for


this race…

this game…

this day…

this moment…

is all there is.

Right here and 



This is your life. 

Fight for it. 

♥️ Sandy