Daily Diary

It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to play a game you love. 

It’s never too late to become who you aspire to be. 

It’s never too late to show up 

for your life

with the strength and courage to

BE your authentic self.

It’s never too late to tell the story you want and sometimes, need, to tell. 

Thank you, my boys, for loving this life and what you do so much and for showing and teaching me the intriguing game of lacrosse and the courageous feat of cross-country running as I’ve never seen or experienced them before. 

You live and breathe your training and practice in order to improve each and every day, with tenacity, perseverance, determination, and heart.

You inspire me to do the same in all I do. 

May we all aspire to live our lives proudly, boldly, and filled with Purpose, Love, and Gratitude always.

I look forward to being a witness as you all discover and share your energy, hope, passion, and fire and I can’t wait to hear your stories as they come to life in 2023.

Happy New Year. 🥰

Sending much warmth and love,

♥️ Sandy