Mindful Musings

Then, Be

If you want to awaken the consciousness of others
then, Raise your own and
awaken the life within yourself

If you want to be loved in a way
no one has ever loved you
then, unlatch the barriers with which you’ve guarded your heart
and be that Love yourself

If you want to live your dream
and detach from the fear that binds you
then, close your eyes
take a deep breath and L I V E

If you want to eliminate the suffering around
and within you
then, muzzle the darkness and allow the Light
to penetrate through you

If you want to find your voice
and can’t quite hear it
then, mute the noise and Listen
until you’ve filled the silence

If you are on the brink
and the boundaries are dissipating before you
then, Open your eyes
Walk toward the brightness and
Be the Transformation yourself.

♥️ Sandy Gordon Frankfort