As I’m packing my life into boxes and storage containers, I’m finding myself nostalgic at moments. I just found a file box from over 20 years ago.  Inside was a folder with many pieces I wrote when I was younger.  I wanted to share this one with you.  I was 17.

I will never forget sitting on my special grassy hill in college, a place of much introspection and inspiration.  I wrote this and I must say that I still feel the same way today.  Don’t exist within a mold and don’t let anyone or anything define you.  You define YOU.

As a parent, we can easily fall into the mold society and previous generations tell us to fit into. I am thankful that my instinct guides me to my own places and my own choices.  I am thankful that I trust this and follow it each day. I suppose this was appropriate to find today.  I am definitely living these words and allowing myself to LIVE and be FREE.  I wish the same for you.

♥️ Sandy


The tide of existence protects us from and exposes us to the harsh nature of this place. As the waves crash from a distance, we are forced to open our eyes and face what we know is there.  As the tide comes into shore, we are blinded by the realities before us.  As it goes back out, we see more clearly, not only what we want to see, but rather, all that hides in the stretch of sand beneath it’s Mother.

Why are we so afraid of this vision? We create superficialities in order to better understand who we are, what we are, what we’re doing and why. We’re so mesmerized by these false perceptions that we mistake them for the truth. What is the truth? What is real? That, which the tide covers, and at times reveals, I’d rather not see. Everything around us is more or less temporary and sooner or later, the problems of today will fade into the light of tomorrow.

There should be no final destination or goal to reach, no ladder to climb.  The path need still be there but only as an unformed, undefined passage that contains no boundaries.  Regulations, rules and social conventions bound us from the freedom our bodies so desperately need for expression. Why can’t we just be free and experience what it is to “Live”  rather than “Exist” in this mold formed around us? 

Sandy Gordon Frankfort