My wish for my birthday, as I travel around the world with my family, is very simple. My connection to the past and present intensifies. My connection to humanity and my compassion for humanity strengthens. Here is my penny in the pond. Please be kind to one another. Please Respect one another. Please show Patience even when you think you can’t. Please be Empathetic. Please Love. I can’t think of anything I’d like more than to Live in a world where this is our natural communication. Love. It’s the most important thing on earth. It’s what we all need. Ok, maybe I’ve been in Beatles land too long but there isn’t a greater truth. All we need is Love. Love is All We need. It begins at birth and we need it until we die and beyond. Thank you so much for all of the sincere and warm Birthday wishes. I cherish all of you. Much Love From Belgium.

♥️ Sandy