By Each Crime and Every Kindness, We Birth Our Future

Moments like this, I can feel your heart beating, as clearly as I feel my own. I know that separation is an illusion. My life extends far beyond the limitations of me.

The title of this post is a line from a movie I just saw, ‘Cloud Atlas’. I am still in such a deep and introspective space since watching this film. These words inspire me to share my thoughts and reach out to you.

The links that connect us. The energy that forms us. The souls we once were, the souls we are in this life, and the souls we become. Is the soul the same and just the body form changes? I believe so.

The people we meet. The familiarity. The Love. The Dislike. The chills you feel when someone walks by. The connection you feel when looking into someone’s eyes you may have thought you never met; in this life anyway. The bonds we form and share. The people who are put here to enlighten us. We are all here to teach each other something and the willingness to be open to the lessons is so important.

I have always believed the simple saying, Everything Happens For a Reason. I’ve always believed that I’ve been here before. I know many of you. Past and Present. We are connected for many reasons and I choose to be open to why.

As I write this, tears fall down my face. I can’t believe how powerful this Life is. I can’t believe how amazing the gift of Love is. Truly. The gift of health. The choice we are given to be kind. To be compassionate. To be love. I realize this may sound silly but if only you could feel my heart. If only you knew how much Love I have inside.

We are all bound to one another. In this lifetime and in the next. How we treat each other. What we do. What we don’t do. These actions will all affect the outcomes in our future. Karma. Some of you use that word daily, some of you quickly dismiss it and say you don’t believe in it. For those of you non-believers, what about it doesn’t make sense to you?

I realize that bad people sometimes receive goodness in their lives and good people, sadly, receive pain and suffering they don’t deserve. This said, I believe that your actions and your intentions carry on with you. This life form that we are in right now, is your chance to get it. To grow. To redeem past mistakes. To create a different future for yourself, those you are connected to, and the next form you show up in.

I know this world is vast. I know many of us do our part to be the change we see and want. I also know that so many things separate and divide us. I don’t give up. I don’t determine that I am powerless, even though many things sadden me. We must articulate our Voice. We must share our Love, even in the face of adversity and hatred.

I’ll never forget an old friend of mine who used to make fun of me and the naiveté he used to say I possessed. He’d say that the love and hearts and happiness I surrounded myself with made me seem childlike. He thought it was guileless that I was so passionate about love. Not love for just another person, but rather the love I felt for humanity. For all of you. For all people. I remember I took a look at myself and had to wonder if something was wrong with me. Maybe I was wide-eyed and unaffected. I realized, however, that I was thankful for these traits.

I will say this. Innocence and love may seem naive. They may make me appear to be someone who hasn’t yet been jaded or beaten down by the harsh realities of the world. They may make me appear as if I haven’t experienced hardships in my life yet. I will tell you that none of this is true. It is in fact, those harsh realities and hardships, that make me choose Love in every moment.

Please keep Love within your soul and your heart and spread it. Give it away. Each day. To everyone. You may not be innocent of all crimes and you may not think you have it or deserve it, but we all do. We all must Love and believe we are deserving of Love. There isn’t a more powerful emotion, expression, or gift on this earth. There isn’t a force greater. It is LOVE, not Hate, that will change us.

We will perish in this life. We will be heard by at least One. Hopefully many more. Your voice and the stands you take in this Being will be heard and witnessed. Some form of change will take place because you believed.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t underestimate the person next to you, the old man in the elevator, the woman on the street, the child in the chair next to you at the hospital. Just take the time to look into their eyes. It only takes one second. That glance. Our souls will remember and we will consciously or unconsciously connect with the people we are supposed to. We will create our next day, our next life by who we are here; Today. Please remember this.

In closing, I must share another line from the movie that moved me deeply.

“My Life Extends Far Beyond the Limitations of ME.”

May you choose to walk forward with this awareness and understand that we are all the same. We are all connected. We all need to Love. Make your choices based on that. I don’t believe any of us like seeing others suffer nor enjoy suffering ourselves. In the name of someone else or for any other reason.

Please take the time. Find the Empathy. Find the Compassion. Find the Kindness. Be LOVE.

Always Be Love.

♥️ Sandy