Unleash Your Super Power

Break Free from the ties that bind you

Have you considered as I often do, what life would be like if you allowed yourself to Expand beyond the stereotypical box others have put you in. Have you considered what it would be like if you no longer accepted that role or found comfort within those boundaries. Who would you be? What would you say? How would you feel?

I have recently received many letters and calls asking if I’m okay. Some are questioning my mental state and some simply want some sort of translation or meaning behind the shift in my expression these days. Thank you all for your concern.

People often confuse the fact that I feel everything so deeply as sadness. They get confused when I don’t fit into the Sunny Sandy image they are so comfortable with. We often look to others to help us define our own lives. We expect things to make sense and when they don’t we put the focus out there instead of looking within.

When I sit back and observe, I see so clearly. We all want to be heard and seen yet, if we can’t listen, we will never understand. As I observe, I witness many people who appear to have lives which others may envy. Many may be projecting that image in order to fit in. Many may be projecting what they believe to be true or what they want others to believe as truth. Many put it all out there. The highs, the lows, the good, the bad. If you are too positive, you are judged. If you speak your mind and it is negative, you are judged for that also. I’ve heard it said too many times that people should only put happy stuff on the internet. Why would anyone want to hear otherwise. This always surprises me but then I say, why should it?

I suppose the majority wants to appear as if everything is fine and wonderful and they want you to represent the same. There isn’t much confrontation in that and perhaps it is more comfortable not having to look inward in order to seek deeper meaning.

I often isolate and my introspection takes me where I need to go. The destination is always unknown. The results don’t conjure labels. The process of it all is what defines me. The journey is where I find myself.

Today, I may feel like Eminem, rapping from a rooftop and singing at the top of my lungs, I’m Not Afraid…

Tomorrow, I may need you to remind me.

I am alive and so very thankful for each moment. I see and feel the beauty in everything around me. I am so sensitive to the gift of this life and I appreciate the many souls I have the privilege of connecting with along the way.

Thank you for walking beside me and for having the awareness to question something out of the ordinary. The next question is, what are you going to do with that? Put it back in the box from which it came, add a bow and accept that the contents have a slightly different appearance or, will you consider this…

Rip the box open, tear the walls down and allow everything you are and everything I am to unfold. Without expectation. Without fear. Without judgement. This is where I am today and I cannot wait to see and experience the mysterious lessons and possibilities lurking behind each corner.

I am taking chances. I am writing in order to sustain life. I am exposing and expanding my Self each day as I hit Publish and I am very happy to share in this unraveling. With you.

♥️ Sandy