A New Chapter Has Begun. Our Adventure Continues…

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.


We are leaving for Australia tomorrow and saying goodbye for now, to this wonderful world of Asia. I have discovered that I enjoy being a minority and immersing myself in other cultures very different and foreign from my own. I appreciate the communication that exists, even when we speak different languages. I am thankful for the warm welcomes and gracious hospitality we’ve received while here. 

Mostly, I want to share how grateful I am for the significant people in my life and the ones who have crossed our path on this journey. It’s extraordinary traveling so far to meet some of the most special people I’ve ever known. It warms my heart realizing that family now exists, beyond what I knew it as, less than a year ago. I thank you for opening your hearts and letting us in. I feel so alive and connected to this life, my family and others, like never before. 

These past couple of weeks have been quite emotional for many reasons. We are getting through it all and truly experiencing the bitter ‘sweetness’ of life. It is during these times that we pay closer attention to the paths of least resistance and do what is best for our family. Being in Japan and experiencing Zen first hand within a culture and community, is so amazing. I’ve always read about the Zen way of life and I believe it has always been a part of me. I am not a Buddhist, however I deeply appreciate the attainment of enlightenment and meditative states of peace, Buddhists achieve. We are surrounded by this kind of peace here in Japan. 

We began this trip not knowing where our lives would take us, how this would change us, or where we would end up after this year of travel. We knew we were searching for truth and answers to be revealed along the way. As time carried on, we wondered how we would settle down after such life-changing and soul-awakening experiences. We wondered how we would adjust to somewhat of a familiar life filled with routines and clothing hung in a closet, as opposed to this unfamiliar and unknown life we’ve been living. These are still questions and we are present to the signs and answers each day. 

Today, we are ready for a new chapter. Today, we look forward to new beginnings in Australia. We will be settling down for longer periods of time and establishing a home base so we can celebrate and enjoy the holiday season. I feel a shift taking place within myself and our family. I feel free, yet grounded. I feel Love all around me. Walking through fear is not easy. Walking through life wide awake isn’t always easy either. As we endure earthquakes, witness horrific and tragic disasters, lose loved ones and gain new ones, we can’t help but experience the fragility of our lives and appreciate each moment. We have Today. Today is a new beginning and I am walking through it with these three guys of mine, hand in hand and with all of the love in my heart. 

Wishing you a beautiful day and new beginnings in your own life.

♥️ Sandy