Our Journey Continues

We are on the plane now just above Nicaragua. The boys are incredible travelers and I am amazed each day as I watch them grow. They have no fear. They get excited about each location and the next, and they LOVE getting on airplanes and taking long drives on bumpy roads. As we ascended into the sky a short time ago, Pierce was proclaiming that he wished he could play in the clouds. He said, “ Oh my gosh, that would be so fun and it would be like a soft and cozy bed! I really wish we could bounce on the clouds Mommy.” Of course Aston chimed in and enthusiastically agreed. 

We all face fears and challenges in different ways. When I think about the fact that I don’t necessarily love flying, I stare it right in the face. I hold the boys’ hands and I feel their excitement and fearlessness and I look straight out the window and let go. Taking a trip around the world with numerous flights ahead of us truly tests that ability and willingness to face any kind of fear or hesitation in my mind. 

As I’m writing this, I realize how little I do fear now, or rather, how much less of a hold fear has on me. I am living. I am letting go and really experiencing life in a different way.
I am so thankful and I will take in each breath with love and gratitude. I will keep my heart and eyes open and enjoy each and every moment. 

Costa Rica was the beginning of our journey and now we are on to the next chapter. I wondered how I would feel 2 days in, 2 weeks in and so on. Usually while on a vacation, there is a point after about 2-3 weeks where you kind of miss home. Although you may have amazing experiences elsewhere, you are ready for the familiar life that comforts you each day. 

I am actually present to today and ready for all that lies ahead. I miss my family and our dog Savvy very much. Thankfully we are in touch via text, face time and emails. This wonderful gift of technology changes everything and makes feeling connected so much easier. Facebook and blogging make being on the road such a richer experience. I get to share photos and thoughts with all of you and I love receiving all of your responses and kind words each day. I’m so happy I also get to be a part of your lives each day. Connection. It is the most beautiful and wonderful thing. 

We enjoyed peaceful surroundings throughout Costa Rica. The highlights for me were the hot springs in Tabacon, the Arenal volcano, and Punta Islita on the Nicoya Peninsula. I loved seeing all of the different species throughout the places we visited. The boys were fascinated and engrossed in each new adventure. This is life for them. This is education. Just waking up and experiencing anything and everything before them. How lovely is that. I feel so lucky that this is my agenda as well. I get to be present to them and view the world through the eyes of such open, innocent, fearless and passionate little hearts and souls. 

Our little superheroes are touching the lives of many. It’s very powerful. I see faces light up around us and people are always coming over and expressing love for our family. It inspires me that we can connect so easily with others from places all around the world. It was such a pleasure meeting those of you we’ve encountered so far and I look forward to those of you we are destined to meet in the future. 

It’s interesting how you can meet someone, far out in the middle of nowhere and you realize how they were put there for a reason. We were meant to meet and connect in this life. That is a very powerful feeling and always remember that as people cross your path each day. Wherever you are. 

Thank you all so much for being a part of this journey with us. Our next stop is Argentina. Stay tuned for more day to day experiences in the life of a Mom, a Dad and two little superheroes from the road. 

Much Love Always.

♥️ Sandy