Welcome to Four Love of the Globe

Welcome. Creating this site has been a labor of love for me. I am thrilled to have a space in which to document and share all of what life on the road will be for us as a family. I want to capture the moments. I want to share them with you. I want us to build the memories and the foundation for our boys. I am truly grateful and excited for this opportunity.

We Are All Connected. Life is Short. Life is Precious. We want our boys to experience different cultures, languages, modes of transportation, cuisines, terrains, and ways of life. In that, I believe, will be their best education.

People often say that kids won’t remember such experiences at these ages. I believe that is like saying they won’t remember all of the hugs and kisses and love you give them. The first seven years of Life are the Formative Years. It isn’t about what they remember. It is about what they feel. What they experience. That they are Loved. That they are Heard. That they are Understood. This is what matters.

People say kids need stability at this age. I believe, stability comes from the parent’s presence. Love, Presence, Stability, Nurturing, Patience, Compassion. Our kids will know stability because they will have us. They are adaptable and eager to Learn, Discover and Explore the World of Curiosity which is the greatest school room or playground I’ve ever known.

I feel more fortunate than I can express for the gift of this opportunity for my family and for myself. I look forward to sharing the preparation and the expedition itself with you.

May we all find perspective, gratitude, and meaning in this life we were given. World, here we come. xoxo

♥️ Sandy