From Sandy, With Love


She knows pain. suffering. adversity. grief
beyond comprehension, yet
embodies Grace
like no other

Her deepest wounds and conflicts
have become her greatest strengths and healings

She is a Survivor.

She experiences each moment
and every encounter

Deeply. Sensitively. Genuinely.

She never asks,
“Why is this happening to me?”
She only wants to know
what it will teach her
and how she can grow

She feels such heaviness in her heart
and believes

This Truth

This Story

needs to Exist outside of herself

She reveals pieces of her soul
but never all of it

She is an Observer
A Thinker
A Luminary

She gains confidence, momentum, fortitude
and sometimes allows resistance
to slow her pace

Momentarily. Temporarily.

but she Always claims it back

She is a Force.

You will tell her she’s changing
and she will humbly declare,
“I’m finally stepping into
the woman I’m supposed to be.”

She will diminish her power
just so that you can shine
and reflect in her presence

She is the manifestation of
True. Reverent. Virtuous. Whole-hearted

She stands Up and Lives what she believes in
She is Mighty.

The precipice from which she stands
keeps her safe
but never fully alive

The foreshadowing of things to come
will implicate a jump.
A leap of faith.
Landing place

She is a Mother.

She will uncover the layers
Bring this truth to light
Dismantle her armor
Shed the disguise
See beyond the confusion
Forsake what she fears

and with these W I N G S
She will be unlike anything the world has ever seen.

♥️ Sandy Gordon Frankfort