I tremble precariously on the precipice of existence
Everything in this universe possesses
both wave
and particle nature

I often study the aspects of these vibrations and molecules
and the fact that they can
subsist in multiple states
at the same time

I initiate the current
I seize the shift
I inhale the radiation

I calibrate myself to the frequency
of your breath 

I gather all of the fragments
of your Being 
and mine

I analyze the paradigms

I contemplate the possibilities
and the probabilities

I sketch the outcomes

The circulation
propagates my thoughts
and transmits what I believe
to be logic.

As these deductions unravel
and fear attempts to impede my evolution

I am suddenly awakened
by this radical stimulus
residing within my chest
reminding me to pay close attention 
to the voices
louder than the whispers
echoing from the chambers 
of the 




of the 

H E A R T.

♥️ Sandy Gordon Frankfort