Through Darkness, I Will Continue Shining Light

Last week was filled with powerful experiences. Each displayed different sides of life. Some reminded me deeply of the connection we all share. Others reminded me of the darkness that resides within and amongst all of the beauty around us each day.

The good and the bad. The dark and the light. Beauty and Evil. Love and Hate. All of these things we are aware of and all of these things are witnessed in this world we live in. I haven’t been sharing as much lately. I’ve been trying to find my way since recent events have made me stop and re-evaluate.

Recently, I was walking down an alley around noon, in the lovely Marais district of Paris with my family. My husband and son were up ahead and my youngest son and I were walking a short distance behind. A beautiful elderly woman exited a door of a building right as I was walking by. I stopped and we both stared at each other deeply. I had chills run through my whole body and my eyes filled up with tears as we each experienced the intensity of that moment together. After about 3 minutes without a blink, she whispered softly, “Bonjour Mademoiselle.” I responded with, “Bonjour Madame.”

I didn’t know if I should walk away or stay but the fact that my husband and son were up ahead, I decided to walk away. I turned around and was looking at her and she was staring as well. When I got to the corner, I told my husband. He asked why my eyes were filled up and I told him of the moment I just experienced with this woman. She slowly walked up with her cane and touched my arm. She spoke in French and I couldn’t understand her. We paused again while looking at each other and she walked away.

I was so, so touched by this interaction. It’s in these moments when I truly believe in past lives and feel my connection to a particular place or person. I went about my day and the depth of existence continued. Past and present. We walked and stumbled upon a sign that pointed to the home of Victor Hugo. I couldn’t believe it. I am such a huge fan and have been most of my life.

Before visiting his apartment we discovered the most extraordinary park in Place des Vosges. It was in the center of all of the buildings that made a square and his home was in the corner. Our boys played happily for hours. They made new friends and we just took in all of the energy and joy around us. 

It was just wonderful standing in and walking through a place where a man with such talent resided. Les Miserables has always been a powerful thread in my story. Seeing the place he rested his head, the desk he began to write this book on, and the view from his window where we played so happily.

View From Victor Hugo’s Apartment

On our way home, in the midst of the magic from the day, I was caught off guard by ‘darkness’. I am choosing not to share this story on here. I am mentioning it only as a warning to all of you to always remain cautious of your surroundings and of the people you encounter. Continue to walk forward in the face of darkness and fear. Continue to shine light on it and let yourself be guided by the brightness of love and beauty around us. I believe that when we let go, we will see more clearly. Although things will be uncertain and unknown, it is in those crevices that we will truly discover our paths and grow.

I always speak of and consciously choose love over fear. I am thankful for this journey I am on personally and as a family. I am cautiously moving forward, telling fear and monsters to bugger off, and I’m enjoying each and every moment. Traveling and experiencing the world around us truly is eye-opening and the perspective we are gaining is immeasurable.

Once again, I am happy we are connected and I look forward to sharing in this journey of life together.

♥️ Sandy