Love is everything. Love is All. When my heart is full of Truth, Life, Peace, Light, Principle and Love, there can only be goodness and harmony. My spirit is aligned, my path is clear and I am open to hearing, feeling and seeing the many blessings around and within. I am spiritual, eternal and loved. May my reflection give heed to the love within you.

Every photograph. Each syllable. All Content. Captured and Expressed with Love, from my Heart. My life force, my energy, translates through time in my captured moments and through my words. My heart is full of language and I express in order to feel, to challenge, to offer something, to learn, and to connect. As I own my voice, I own my Truth.

My yesterdays walk with me and I shall continue along this path of grateful presence. I feel gratitude in every moment and it shifts me to a higher frequency as I am present to calmness and joy. I consider myself most alive when my heart is conscious of every blessing surrounding and within.  Today is a Gift.

My memories are echoes from another time, another place. Each moment was lived, each future moment will be cherished. My memories serve as invaluable threads in the tapestry of history as I create and interpret meaning and understand the important, connected consciousness that binds all of us to each other.

Let’s Connect.

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    In this silenceI clearlypick upeachintonationof my heartbeat each consciousthought and I align itwith Yours. Time is quickly passing byand we…

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